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Paddleboard Yoga 6 Week Series 1-Class Pack

Jun 4, 2024 - Jul 11, 2024

  • 38Days


Grab your Paddleboard and meet us on the water for a beautiful, relaxing yoga session in nature. Yoga on the water will naturally challenge your core and stabilizer muscles, and adds an element of fun! This is offered as a 6-week series over the late Spring to Summer. There is a morning session, and an evening session offered each week, with special event Saturdays where we would travel to other bodies of water in the area (Saturdays are not included in the Series prices, and a drop-in cost applies for this. We recommend having your own paddleboard (along with an anchor, life jacket, and emergency boating safety kit as required by law), but we do offer a rental option, with limited availability, so arrangements for booking the rental must be made in advance (first come, first served - if you book a rental board and are unable to attend a class, 48 hours notice is required, or you forfeit the rental cost. Arrive BEFORE class start time with enough time to pump up your board if using an inflatable (I recommend 15 minutes before). It is our aim to be on the water and anchored at class start time! Pricing for Paddleboard Yoga Drop-ins: Members ($15 tax incl.), Non-Members $25 (tax incl.) Board Rental $20/session (book in advance!) 1 class/week Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm Members $60 *(contact us before booking), Non-Members $100 both before tax. Located at St. Lawrence Park Boat Launch. The first 6-week series runs from June 4 - July 11. The second can be booked here: and runs from July 23 - August 29. Limited spaces available (15 spots)

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