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2 people in aerial silks, 2 jumping, 1 in the splits and 1 holding weights.
Man about to roman deadlift.
2 people in aerial silks, 2 jumping, 1 in the splits and 1 holding weights.
6 people hanging on rings with their hands.

Tandem Unified Wellness offers a range of fitness and wellness services to complement our members overall wellness journey. From individual to group fitness, as well as nutritional, wellness and lifestyle coaching opportunities, each member can find their FIT at Tandem Unified Wellness.

Finding Your FIT

Functionality – At Tandem Unified Wellness, we believe in promoting functionality in our workouts.  We want your exercises to aid in your activities of daily living, so that you can use the strength and mobility that you gain in a functional way.

Independence – We want to share our knowledge with you! Our greatest successes come from when you can spread your wings and fly.  Our goal is to create a solid foundation of functional strength and mobility, so that you can continue to live independently, and move confidently in all areas of your life.

Transformation – Tandem Unified Wellness creates a community of   support, which will reinforce your transformation.  Everyone’s goals   are different, and we can help you find and create a routine that will   support your individual achievements, and lead toward your desired change. Transformation comes in many different forms,   from body composition changes to mobility successes, to building   supportive relationships with peers; we at Tandem Unified Wellness are here for you every step of the way.

Lady in a pilates v-sit.

Our Methods

4 people bicep curling in a lunge.
2 ladies doing a wall sit. 1 is a personal trainer and the other a personal trainee.
The back of a coaches head, holding a clipboard and sitting across a client in a chair.
Spinach, baby tomatoes and breaded chicken in a plate with a fork.

Group Fitness

 Join our dynamic classes where you can find your FIT in a group format.  Feel the support and energy that surrounds you, as you workout with like-minded members.

Personal Training

Tandem Unified Wellness offers 1-on-1 personal training, as well as small group training (2-3 participants) to achieve your goals with 1 hour sessions.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is a great place to start (and re-visit) when you are beginning to set your personal goals, inside and outside of our studio.  This coaching will look at your lifestyle satisfaction.

Nutritional Coaching

Our coaches can offer you basic nutritional support in teaching you how to track your nutrition, make healthier choices, and balancing your nutritional health as part of your wellness journey.

Lady sitting on a dock with her dog on a lake, looking out. Trees in the background. Colors have been altered.


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