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Class Descriptions

Parents/care-givers must remain on site during child-minding.

Aerial Yoga - Experience the weightlessness of aerial yoga, as you use hanging silks to support your body in this yoga practice.  We offer silks with handles, and without, for ease of use.  The silks offer support for your balance, and help you find depth and comfort in the poses.

Aerial - Yin - Take your practice deeper as we relax into a couple poses for a longer period of time.  This allows you to access the deeper muscles and fascia, and allows for a greater release, while being supported by the hammock.


Baby Fit - Dance Fit Basics - Get moving and grooving while pregnant,  baby-wearing or with your toddler with simple, low impact Dance Fit songs. 30 min class with 15 min social time available after the class. 


Baby Fit - Strong - Maintain or regain strength during all stages in our Baby-Strong Class.  The use of weights, bands or other items may be used, and babies may be used as weights. 30 min class with 15 min social time available after the class.


Baby Fit Yoga-lates - This naturally Low Impact exercise series combines Pilates with yoga stretching and will focus on posture, pelvic floor, core stability and mobility.  30 min class with 15 min social time available after the class.


Barre - This low-impact workout combines high repetition and light weights or resistance with aspects of balance and coordination. Barre is a combination of muscular conditioning, Pilates, Yoga and Mobility.  

Bootcamp - Cardio - This bootcamp focuses on cardio moves and bodyweight functional exercises combined to give you a quick and effective, heart-pumping workout! 


Bootcamp Strength - If you are looking for a high-intensity workout to get your morning started right, look no further!  Appropriate for all-levels, as every exercise is adaptable, but be ready to bring your A-game, and kick-butt attitude as you are put through your paces! 


Cardio & Strength - This class will get your heart pumping, and your muscles working as we combine Cardio exercises with Strength exercises to target the whole body in one, effective workout.


Cardio Kickboxing - This class will offer you a high intensity workout, combining cardio kickboxing moves with some bodyweight conditioning to bring your workout to the next level. Low Impact options can be provided when needed.


Core - Increase your core stability and strength with this Core-focused class.  This class will work all the muscles in your torso to keep you balanced, strong and mobile to aid in the functionality of your daily life and activity. 

Dance Fit - Enjoy getting fit while grooving to music.  Follow the instructor as they lead you through simple to moderate choreographies that are repeated over several weeks so you learn the moves and really give it your own energy and style.


Functional Circuit - Get ready for a class that keeps you moving, as this circuit style class combines functional movements and strength to challenge you, no matter what level you are at! 

Pilates - A low-impact core workout, this class will focus on your alignment, balance and stability through the core as your limbs are moving.  This class is based on the Classic Mat Pilates and allows you to focus on your core combined with mobility work.

Pilates/Meditation & Relaxation - Start this class with some classic Mat Pilates, and then choose to find a comfortable position either in a hammock or on the floor, and allow yourself to be guided through a short meditation, followed by time to relax. With dim and cozy lighting, and relaxing spa music, this is the perfect relaxation.

Pop Line Dancing - A low-impact line-dancing class using your favorite pop songs. The basics will be broken down.


Running Series - Beginner to intermediate runners starting to run/training for upcoming runs or obstacle races.


Step - Ramp up your cardio game with our aerobic step class!  This can be done with or without a step, for those who may need a lower impact option.  Follow along as we work through basic to intermediate step combinations.  

Strength Intervals - Build your strength with timed intervals of weighted and body weight exercises. 


Tabata - Challenge your Cardio and Strength in this class set to the Tabata Timing Protocol of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds rest.  This HIIT style class  provides  a moderate to high intensity workout. 


Total Body - Total Body is a concise workout that utilizes bodyweight and equipment to exercise all the main muscle groups of the body.  It is appropriate for all levels, as all exercises can be modified or leveled up to match your fitness level.


TRX -  TRX is a suspension trainer where one uses hung straps and their body weight against gravity to exercise in a functional way.  Train your grip strength, range of motion and core stability from all angles with this workout!

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