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Q: What are the benefits of a monthly membership or multi-class pass vs drop-in classes?

A: By purchasing a monthly membership or multi-class pass, you save money!  If you are likely to take a few classes a week, it may make more sense financially to purchase the class pass or membership, if you will use the classes in the allotted time.  If you are planning to come irregularly, a drop-in fee may be best for you.  We are happy to discuss the options with you to find your best fit.

Q: Do you have a dress-code?

A: Yes, we do.  We require appropriate gym wear, which means proper footwear (exemptions for yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates and foam roller) NO jeans or clothing that has metal zippers/buttons, a shirt of some type (all genders) it can be a tank, crop, etc., but must be a shirt of some sort, and we recommend bottoms that are squat-proof   If you show up in inappropriate clothing, you may be asked to leave the class.

Q: Do you have a shower/change room?

A:  At this time, we do not have shower facilities, but we do have a non-gendered change room, that can be locked while in use, as well as 2 non-gendered bathrooms which could be used to change/freshen up.

Q: What if I’m not able to do certain exercises?

A:  No problem!  Currently, most of our classes are offered for all levels, and we offer modifications for anyone that needs it!  You can also check out our class descriptions to find classes that best work for your fitness level, and easily find what you’re looking for on the schedule with our pictograms (for example, if you’re looking for cardio, find the classes with the fire pictogram!) 

Q: What is the difference between your coaching options?

A: You can read more in depth on our Services and Rates page.  As a brief overview, Group Fitness is large group classes, Personal Training offers 1-on-1 goal setting and exercises specific to your goals, Wellness Coaching takes a look at your overall lifestyle satisfaction and the ways that activity and wellness can be implemented into your life, and Nutritional Coaching looks into your current nutritional habits and ways that you can improve them.

Q: What if I would like to talk to someone to decide which services would benefit me best?

A: That’s a great idea – you can connect with a trainer by using the Contact Us page, where we can set up a short assessment meeting with you to help you go through your options!

Q: What if I show up late to a class?

A: We encourage members to show up a few minutes before class starts to prepare for the classes.  Classes begin at their posted start times, so coming early allows you to get set up if equipment is required.  Once class begins, you may be denied entry.  We realize that things happen sometimes, and there may be exceptions where you are allowed to join after class has begun, but as a rule, to respect the instructor and other members, we ask that you arrive on time.

Q: I want to book online, but the class is full, what should I do?

A:  If the class is fully booked, which may occur for classes with limited equipment such as Aerial Yoga or TRX, you can be added to the waitlist, and if someone cancels, we will call the next person on the list as soon as possible.  You can also come to the studio and wait to see if there are any last minute no-shows, at which time you would be permitted to join.

Q: What happens if I book my classes online and don’t show up?

A:  If you are unable to make a class you have booked for, please cancel the class on the booking portal, or contact us as soon as possible so that we can fill the space with anyone on the waitlists.  If you are a no-show for 3 classes, or cancel last minute several times, we may suspend your ability to book online.  We prefer cancellations be done at least 6 hours before class so that waitlisted people can be contacted with ample time.

Q: I cannot figure out how to book online, help!

A:  If technology is not your friend, we can help you.  Come to the studio and we can help you book online for your next class(s), or use the contact us form to reach out, or call!  We want you to get into your classes!  If there is space in the class showing, and you can’t book online or reach us, show up to the studio for class time and we will do our best to accommodate everyone!

Studio Etiquette Guidlines

  1. Members will adhere to a strict zero-tolerance harassment policy, which indicates that no threats, slurs, bullying or inappropriate language or acts toward staff or other members will be tolerated.

  2. Members will conduct themselves appropriately and safely in the studio.  Anyone who is committing behaviours that may injure themselves or others may be asked to leave.

  3. NO videos or photos are to be taken in the classes or change rooms where others may be, unless express permission has been asked of all participants.  If you would like a photo with an instructor, or a photo/video of a skill you have been working on, we can accommodate time after class to do so.  We know, socials crave your activities, can help with your accountability and we want you to share your journey! (We do it too!) But permission must be granted from everyone involved so we can create a safe space for all!

  4. Classes begin at the posted Start Time on the schedule, so please aim to be present for the class a few minutes before it begins so the class can begin without disruption.  There may be times that arriving late means you forfeit your class spot (for example, if there is a waitlist, and you are not on time, your spot will be given to anyone who shows up to wait in person for no-shows)  There will also be times that the door will be locked at the start of class-time depending on staff availability.   If you know you will be a few minutes late, communicate with the studio and ask for guidance. 

  5. No-Show.  If you are a no-show for booked classes 3 times in 6 weeks, you may be suspended from booking classes ahead of time.  This time frame or occurrence number may be shortened for in-demand classes, or classes that are limited in participant numbers (such as aerial yoga or TRX)  To avoid this, please cancel any classes you are unable to attend at your earliest convenience (preferably 6+ hours in advance – if less than 6 hours, please call us directly to cancel)

  6. Waitlist Etiquette.  If you are on a waitlist for a class and a spot becomes available in the class, we will reach out to those, in order, on the waitlist to offer the spot to them.  Those who are waitlisted may also choose to arrive at the studio before the class begins, and in the case of any no-shows, would then be invited to join the class. 

  7. Cleanliness and Hygiene.  If you are using the equipment provided by the Studio, please take care in cleaning equipment before returning to its place using the provided cleaning solution and rags.  Please put used rags in the provided bins.  You are welcome to bring your own equipment such as mats, foam rollers, weights etc, if you prefer.  We ask that you help keep the studio organized by putting equipment neatly back where it belongs.

  8. Membership Dues.  Class passes, memberships or drop-in fees must be paid/up-to-date before attending any classes.

  9. Waivers and Forms - We require all members to fill out the Waivers and Forms before participating in any of the classes or training sessions.  As participants have the Right to Risk with any activity, we appreciate honest answers in medical forms such as the PAR-Q, but in some instances we may encourage or require a medical check or clearance from a doctor.

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