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Denzel holding Jenni in a marriage grip. Both smiling. Logo on the wall in the background.

About Us


Tandem Unified Wellness is space for people to explore meaningful connections in the community in order to foster a sense of belonging. This is done through specialized fitness and wellness programs with the goal is to expand globally. Maintaining a safe space for people to progress towards self-improvement with the support and accountability of their family, peers and coaches is the mantra.


Tandem Unified Wellness will be a worldwide pioneer in providing a range of fitness and wellness services, enhancing the overall wellness and celebrating the uniqueness of individual members of society. Tandem prides itself on helping people find their F.I.T. (functionality, independence, transformation) and will continue to guide them on their path towards better physical and mental well-being.


  • Care

  • Community

  • Connection

  • Fun

  • Honesty

  • Mind and body cultivation

  • Non-judgment

  • Safety

Jenni Posing in her Tandem tank top with with lit string lights in the background.

Jenni From Tha Brock

Jenni has been a part of the fitness industry for over 10 years, and began her journey into fitness as an adult.  Never the sporty or naturally athletic type, she was surprised to find that she would gain such joy and satisfaction from learning to become an instructor and working with clients in group fitness and personal training.  Starting her journey with a single Cycle fitness class, she quickly devoured all the information she could, becoming certified in many Fitness Streams.

Jenni has worked with clients from all walks of life and all abilities, from young adults training for specific physical testing requirements, brain injury clients, client with addictions and to older adults looking for more functionality in their daily lives.  She enjoys incorporating exercises into her classes and personal sessions that will help people reach their goals in a way that will also improve their lifestyle satisfaction.

In her spare time, Jenni loves to paddle the rivers and lakes on her paddleboard with friends, enjoys hiking (and will hike most anywhere for a spectacular view!), trail running, and spending time with friends and family.  She also enjoys a challenge, and working toward her goals; and can attest to how long some goals take to reach! If there is one person you can count on for fun, activities or finding your FIT it is her.


Denzel has been providing holistic wellness services to individuals and teams locally and internationally for 7 years. His journey into fitness and personal wellbeing began at the age of 16 after losing close relatives to a number of situations. This pushed him on to finding his FIT.

Denzel believes that when activities are done with purpose and intention they become a natural part of daily life. He believes that community involvement is key to developing nations. Tandem Unified Wellness engages newcomers, instructors and leaders in participatory conversations that facilitate personal growth and enable learning from others. He is an inspiring speaker and helps others to understand that anything is possible with the right alignment.

Denzel demonstrates physical and mental determination in all that he does. He has a holistic approach to health and wellness and believes that the more we exercise our body and mind the we can enjoy our lives. In addition to successful supporting others to gain fulfillment through living healthier lives, Denzel is motivated by a desire to support his family that are in Zimbabwe.

When he makes time, Denzel loves to go to the movies, listen to live music, travel, climb, dance, paddle, trick, surf and so many other activities. The most enjoyable part is growing and sharing these experiences with others.

Denzel standing in his Tandem tank top with wall logo in the background.
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