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Mike Carriere and Getta Busboom

After spending 38 years behind a desk I needed to get back into shape, I needed a professional trainer to set me up with a program for exercising and weight lifting. I connected with Jenni Stotts and she tailored a custom program that was specific for my needs.

With Jenni’s expert training program I was able to build more muscle strength and flexibility, which has greatly improved my lifestyle.

Mike Carriere


I’ve known Jenni Stotts since March 2022.


In June 2020 I sustained a back injury, my muscles were slowly

deteriorating and I started to feel weak.


I connected with Jenni, she carefully designed a training program tailored

just for my personal needs and after just a few sessions I saw amazing results.


I noticed my flexibility and muscles tremendously improve.  With Jenni's

extensive knowledge I was able to get back into shape.


Thank you!

Getta Busboom

mike and getta standing at the Sentier Rideau trail sign,
Dual image. Debbie Ridgers exercising in her kitchen following Jenni Stotts on a laptop. Lower image Debbie Ridgers with 8 others after a dance fit class.

Debbie R

Jenni has been my personal trainer as well as Zumba and Yoga instructor for the past ten years - before, during and after the most recent pandemic. Being in my senior years, I wanted to strengthen my body, my bones and my heart and I knew that I required a personal trainer to achieve my personal fitness goals! 


Throughout this entire time, I have benefited greatly from her professional expertise and knowledge of any needed modifications. Her excellence in providing me with an overall healthy lifestyle program has contributed significantly to the development of my overall physical, emotional and spiritual growth. She embraced a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic approach by developing very effective cardio and strength training programs not only for me, but for many of my peers as well.  Because she sincerely loves what she does, she consistently motivated me to do my very best, even more so over these past most challenging years! 

As a result, my flexibility, range of motion, core strength, cardio and balance have improved significantly. Thank you Jenni for being such a kind and caring person and for all that you have done for me! Therefore, for those of all ages and abilities, I strongly recommend her as a personal trainer and fitness coach to others.



Debbie Ridgers

Barbara El Mubarak

Jenni is a talented trainer whose passion about exercise and its intersection with dance and gymnastics is infectious! I came to her with back pain where I had trouble getting up, and she devised a core strengthening program for me, where in a few weeks the pain started to ease, my mobility increased and most days I forgot it was even there!


Her diverse training meant that she creatively worked around my injuries, aches and pains keeping me on track with her sweet and crafty humour. She is a fantastic trainer who will help you hit your fitness goals, show you how to work around setbacks, discover new limits and do it all while having a blast!

Jenni and Barbara crouching underneath the Tandem logo sign on the wall.
Denzel Chason and Jalisa posing.

Chason Brown

I have known Denzel (aka. Diezel) since 2009 when he came to America. Since we were studying and living at the same university with similar interest, we quickly became good friends.

Through the years, Denzel has helped me in more ways than he realizes. Before meeting him, I was a major introvert, socializing here and there with not many friends. Denzel has educated me as well. I didn’t know anything about Africa, let alone Zimbabwe. When he first spoke about his home and where he’s from, it really opened my eyes.

I consider Denzel a brother. I pray for his success in his new business.

Rachelle Dupuis

I met Denzel Maradza over 6 years ago at the Kingston YMCA.  It was a Zumba class.  I could feel his amazingly positive energy from the very first song he led.  He has immense talent and his classes grew to be very large and well loved.


I have taken many different types of classes with Denzel and they are very inspiring and are catered to the members he is teaching.  I began a personal fitness and wellness journey during and since the COVID-19 pandemic and I requested personal training and wellness coaching from Denzel.  The support has been life changing. I am much stronger now and feel more confident in my personal potential.  

I'm thankful for this blessing in my life. 

Denzel and Rachelle.
Meet Gladys.png

Gayle & Terry

Linda Orser sitting in her yard.


I am a senior who has been attending Denzel's strengthening/balancing classes for a number of years, in the Sydenham/Harrowsmith areas. He sets the program for Seniors to assist them in staying on their feet in the nasty weather and allowing ongoing mobility.


We use weights and exercise bands in all classes and occasionally mats for stretching and to maintain flexibility. His music is everyone’s earworm long after the class so you can continue practising the moves at home, if you choose.

Denzel always has a smile on his face which keeps me joining his classes so I can continue to stay on my feet!

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