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Birthday Parties

A young girl holding a face mask to her face smiling next to a young boy holding a post that says bam. Batman in the background cloth with bats and buildings. Birthday party image.

Studio Rental

Looking for a venue to host a birthday party for your kid(s)? Look no further. At Tandem Unified Wellness we can host you and your kids for the most memorable birthday parties! Here is a short breakdown of what we offer:

Space rental only for $150
Maximum capacity is 15 children
Space rental with ONE chosen entertainment for $175
Space rental with TWO chosen entertainments for $200

Spiderman $25

ALL INCLUSIVE CHOICE: 8-inch round cake, 2 entertainments, 10 party favor bags, decoration, snacks (vegetables, fruit, popcorn, chips, juice boxes, water) $500
Bookings are made on a first come first served basis
Deposit is $75 and all prices are before tax 😊

A pokeball cake that says Draven and 10 in the middle.

Slices - Cakes by Jenni

Jenni has been creating confectionary creations as a hobby since 2007.  Cakes can be tailored to your theme!  Check out her Facebook Page for examples of past cakes. 


Ordering a cake for your event is easy!  You can choose from Cupcakes (minimum order of 12) or a round cake (7-inch, 8-inch or 9-inch size - serves about 10-16) and discuss your theme or vision with Jenni to get a custom quote for your event.  Cakes can be allergy aware and sensitive, but we can’t guarantee that items are allergen free.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man

Meet your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!  This guy will be the life of the party, as he plays games with the kids (age and skill level appropriate - which may include obstacle course/relay style games or any specific game you would like included (please let us know when booking).

Spider-Man is available for a 30 minute visit with games, and this would include time to learn Superhero Poses, Meet-and-Greet Questions, and Photo time opportunities (Parents/Renter may take their own photos).

This is a premium entertainment and is a cost of $50 plus tax, which goes directly to Spider-Man! Spider-Man may be available to book at your own parties at an extra cost for travel - this can be discussed with Spider-Man present.

Kids jumping outside at a birthday party. 4 kids and 2 parents.

Other Party Themes

Aerial Yoga or Kids Yoga

 30 minutes of instructor-led Yoga or Aerial Yoga.  The Yoga will include poses and/or games appropriate to the age range and attention-span of the attendees. Partner and group poses at the end will give a great photo opportunity. 

*Aerial Yoga is recommended for ages 6+.  If the attention-span or equipment etiquette and respect is not being followed, Tandem Unified Wellness reserves the right to change the class to non-Aerial.

Cupcake Decorating Party

30 minutes of cupcake decorating time. 2 “naked cupcakes” for each child is provided along with 3 bowls of different coloured icing, basic sprinkles and candy items for decorating

Dance Fit and Glow Party

25 minutes of Zumba Style Dance Instruction, followed by 15 minutes of Free-Dance time with Glow-sticks or glow items.  Encourage children to dress up in Black-Light activated items, such as light, white or neon clothing etc.

Face-Painting Party - Paired with Drawing/Art Time

Allow for approximately 5-10 minutes for each child to have their faces painted.  There will be samples printed out for the kids to choose from, which can sometimes be coordinated with the theme of the party.  Designs will be relatively basic to ensure that each child has the opportunity to have their face-painted.


30 minutes of fun Party Games in the Studio. We will run games as long as they are interested in them, and cycle through what the kids are wanting to play.  However, if you have particular requests, feel free to discuss.  Games may include Dodgeball, Tug of War, Large Memory Game, Relay Races, Twister, Animal Races, Freeze Dance, Charades and more!

Mad Science

30 minutes of fun and easy science experiments. We recommend that attendees wear clothing that can get dirty or stained.  Smocks will be provided, however dye may get through them, or get on exposed clothing.  Choose 2-3 experiments from below for the party, or discuss other options (no open flame or heat experiments).  The experiments may require extra help from the Rental Hosts, depending on age group and attention-span/abilities. It is important that the age range understand that ingestion of the items and experiments is not recommended.

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